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Peepall is an indie Rock project established in late 2011 in Madrid. It’s pure Alternative Rock, full of progressive, psychedelic and electronic touches, giving a special emphasis on the instrumental environment. The lyrics, in English, reflect that “conscience voice” which dictates human behaviour. Nowadays, the band is formed by Eu Román (vocals, guitars, electronic bases), Javi Aguilar (bass, guitar, backing vocals) and Alfonso Portabales (drums).

In late 2011, Peepall released their first (and autoproduced) album, also called Peepall. They won the second prize at “Best Artist Revelation 2011” festival (it was the very first show of the band) and were finalist at “Hard Rock Rising 2012” and at “Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid Maratón y ½”. They have been playing live at several clubs since then, always trying to make something different.

In 2013, Peepall released their 2nd LP, Freneza, which was totally paid by their fans through a crowdfunding project, and which can be downloaded and listened to (for free!) here.

At the present time, and after being playing across Spain, Peepall have just released their 3rd album, Synaesthesia. So, you better stay tuned for yummy news!